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A platform that connects the real and virtual worlds

With growth of the global markets for smartphones and tablets, Pokémon apps have become accessible to more and more people worldwide. “Pokémon GO,” our game app launched in 2016, greatly expanded the Pokémon realm, enriching both the real world and the virtual world – the very essence of our mission statement. More recently, in partnership with app developers and platform game makers, we have begun offering apps in brand-new categories.

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A remarkable collaboration of game creators
A remarkable collaboration of game creators

“Pokémon” the series of video game software developed by GAME FREAK inc., features a cast of charming and attractive characters. Now, using the “Pokémon Masters” game app developed by DeNA Co., Ltd., those same characters can engage in exciting battles of adventure directly on any smartphone. “Pokémon Masters” garnered wide attention for its cross-platform development by game creators working in different software categories.

Remote Direction of Commercial Shoots
Remote Direction of Commercial Shoots

Shooting a Pokémon commercial overseas would normally entail sending a director or creative director to the site to give actual filming instructions. But in these days when international travel is greatly restricted, filming a commercial outside Japan is a major challenge that demands innovative thinking. In response, we opted to film the overseas parts of our “Pokémon GO” commercials under directions given remotely from Japan. In our promotional films for “Pokémon GO Fest 2020,” which took place on July 25-26, 2020, filming of scenes in Paris, France were undertaken through a remote link with a studio in Japan. Especially tricky were the scenes shot by drone, with the drone’s remote operations at the site instructed and monitored even more remotely, from Japan.

Across country and regional borders and cultures

Downloaded around the world

Pokémon Smile is a smartphone app, available in 158 countries and regions, that encourages young children to brush their teeth while having fun at the same time. Since its launch in June 2020, outside Japan the app has been downloaded in large numbers in the U.S. and Mexico, followed by Korea, the UK and France. More far-flung places where downloads have been recorded include Greenland, New Caledonia and Zambia.

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