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We produce the video games from which all Pokémon content originates.

“Pokémon” video games continue to be loved all around the world. As Nintendo game consoles have evolved, so too have expressions and functions. Also, the locations for adventure and varieties of Pokémon characters today are more diverse than ever. Yet the aspects of play and adventure enjoyed worldwide remain unchanged: collecting hundreds of unique Pokémon, trading them with friends, engaging them in battles, and raising them to increasingly higher levels. Pokémon is a game that combines easy approachability with strategic depth, making it appealing to kids and adults alike.

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Pokédex is freely accessible online
Pokédex is freely accessible online

Pokédex, a comprehensive encyclopedia of all the many Pokémon characters, can be freely accessed by anyone on the Official Pokémon Website. Detailed information is provided on each Pokémon’s type, activities, habitat, height and weight, etc. Pokémon are intriguing creatures harboring many mysteries. Some live harmoniously among humans, while others live off in the wild: in grasslands, caves or the sea, for example. And just as humans each have their own personality, so too Pokémon differ one from another. Even within the same species, Pokémon can have various individual natures: naughty, lonely, brave and adamant, to name just a few. There are also Pokémon that change in appearance depending on where they live or what season it is; Pokémon that transform according to the weather; and mythical and legendary Pokémon that are seldom encountered. On extremely rare occasions, Pokémon can be found in a color different from usual; these are like mutants, and their differences from other Pokémon, in terms of their abilities and behavior, have yet to be fully unraveled.

High-Quality Translation and LocalizationStringent standards ensure ethical and cultural correctness
High-Quality Translation and Localization
Stringent standards ensure ethical and cultural correctness

The “Pokémon” video game series serves as the basis of all other Pokémon content – the card game, anime, etc. – so whenever translations and localization of the original game software are undertaken, excellence in execution, including strict avoidance of ethically or culturally insensitive content, are of prime importance. To retain the nuance of the original, when works are translated from Japanese into the eight languages currently available, translators are given opportunities to meet with the original developers to ascertain precise intent. Whenever a new Pokémon is created, its proposed name is always checked for trademark compliance and to ensure that the name will have no negative connotations in the various regions where it will be introduced.

Across country and regional borders and cultures

Heated battles always assured in Pokémon’s biggest event

Once every year the official “Pokémon World Championships” are held to determine who is Number One in the world at playing the Pokémon video game, TCG, and Pokkén Tournament. Winners of competitions in their local zones are invited each summer to the location in North America where the event will take place. What makes the championships especially exciting is having master players from all around the world come to compete and communicate in an environment where language is no barrier. Their total familiarity with their game means they know, just by seeing the Pokémon that appear, what kind of attack their opponent is likely to play. Besides the players themselves, the championships also attract thousands of their supporters and Pokémon fans. Battles are livestreamed worldwide for fans to follow in real time.

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