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Continuously developing new, diverse encounters with Pokémon

It’s now more than 20 years since Pokémon was born, and members of the original “generation” of Pokémon fans are now in their late thirties. Today, Pokémon’s fan base has become remarkably diverse, spanning from preschoolers to young adults, to the Pokémon generation, to people in their senior years. To provide fans of all ages with ever more enjoyable products and services, we work continuously to plan and develop together with our tie-up partners and licensees. Through the synergy derived from each company’s specific strengths, we can adventure into many new areas we at Pokémon couldn’t approach on our own. This is what’s so wonderful about having tie-up partners and licensees, and going forward we will continue, through collaborations in many different areas, to create opportunities for new encounters with Pokémon.

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Product Development Tailored to Each Market
Product Development Tailored to Each Market

In recent years, we have been creating an expanding array of Pokémon merchandise for global distribution. The “BABY-G Pikachu Collaboration Model,” created with CASIO to celebrate BABY-G’s 25th anniversary, has become a huge hit in the United States. The Christmas collection developed in collaboration with the world-renowned shu uemura cosmetics brand features illustrations of a cute, super-deformed Pikachu named “Pikashu” who loves fashion and makeup. Items in the Pikashu collection have quickly acquired an avid female fan base, especially in Asia. Today, as lovers of Pokémon continue to diversify, we are creating more and more new products not only for children, but for adults as well. Development of products for global distribution always factors in the specific needs, cultures and lifestyles of the target markets.

Let’s go for a ride – with Pi!car!
Let’s go for a ride – with Pi!car!

Pi!car! is a car born from the shared aspiration of Toyota and Pokémon to bring new fun and enjoyment to our city streets and country lanes. With its compact size and cute design, Pi!car! is a car for the future. As you might expect, it emits no exhaust gas. Its turn signals tilt to the left or right to indicate where it’s going. Its antenna captures information of interest about the surrounding area. Its bright lights ensure safe driving at night. Pi!car! was jointly designed by Toyota Motor Corporation and The Pokémon Company. Repeated rounds of strategic planning were held in preparation for the “Toyota Festival” and Pi!car!’s role in it. It’s a prime example of a fun-filled project by two companies working together to make our world more enjoyable.

Across country and regional borders and cultures

Pokémon collaborates with the Singapore Police

Pokémon cooperated in the Singapore Police’s crime prevention campaign. Several hundred Pokémon crime prevention posters were posted within the Jurong Police Division, and Pikachu appeared at awareness promotion events held at shopping malls, garnering much attention among Singaporeans. This was the first time the Singapore Police joined forces with a character made famous in TV anime.